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[Carrying forward virtue through education] Zhu Zhengwei: Interpreting Chinese administration cases with enthusiasm for Public Administration

Source: Date:2018-07-10 Visits:

Zhu Zhengwei, professor (T2) and doctoral supervisor of XJTU, is the chairman of the Labor Union Committee of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU). Professor Zhu Zhengwei received a bachelor’s degree at Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1982 and then achieved his master’s degree from Renmin University of China in 1987. Following Professor Xia Shuzhang, the father of Chinese MPA and the pioneer of Chinese Public Administration, Zhu Zhengwei acquired his doctor’s degree at Sun Yat-sen University in 2009. Professor Zhu began working at Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1982. He was once designated as the deputy director of the Social Science Department, the director of the MPA Program Center, the director of the Publicity Department of XJTU, and the executive dean and XJTU council branch chair of the School of Public Policy and Administration.

Professor Zhu Zhengwei, a prestigious domestic expert on Public Administration, winner of the Excellent Youth Teacher awarded by the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation and the First Prize of Shaanxi Teaching Achievement. He was recognized into the Four Batches Talent Plan of the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Leading Talent of National Ten-Thousand Talents Program for philosophy and social sciences. Additionally, he now holds concurrent posts at several academic societies, for example, he is the member of the National MPA Education Steering Committee, the disciplinary expert for projects of the National Social Science Fund, the standing director of the China Administration Society, the vice-president of the Teaching & Research Association in China Administration Society, the director of the China Society of Administrative Reform (CSOAR), the vice-president of Shaanxi Society of Politics, the vice-president of the Shaanxi Emergency Management Academy, and so on.

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Focusing on Chinese Discourse in Public Administration Study

Professor Zhu believes that as a scholar,onemust keep the confidence in academic research to strengthen the academic confidence focusing on domestic issues in China. In recent years, Professor Zhu has placed emphasis on the construction of Chinese discourse in the discipline of Public Administration. In addition to publishing academic articles on major journals, interpreting related issues and appealing for attention on international academic conferences, he also combines his specific research with those issues attracting international attention and focuses on the localization of Public Administration as well as the academic interpretation of Chinese administration cases. Professor Zhu holds that there is more than one research object of Public Administration, such as the China referred in documents, literature and imagination, and the approaches for exploring a real China which best conforms to experience of public life and related summary of theoretical ideas, which should be the theoretical goals of all scholars in the public administration field. In this sense, the practice of Public Administration discourse concerning national conditions and problems needs global visions, namely, building and expanding the international visions of Chinese Public Administration through normative knowledge paradigm and academic dialogues. He repeatedly pointed out that the contemporary Chinese governance is embodied in the rise of the great power and that the inherent locality and universality of practice greatly facilitate the development of Chinese Public Administration. China's national governance can’t evolve without the interpretation and guidance of vigorous theories of innovation, providing global governance in the community of shared future of mankind with Chinese experience and Chinese wisdom as significant reference. It is the academic responsibility and mission of all scholars engaged in Chinese Public Administration research to participate in the innovation of global governance form in a way that shows the academic ambition of a great power. At the same time, Professor Zhu pays close attention to the contribution of Xi'an Jiaotong University in the new era. He suggested that XJTU should focus on domestic problems, reconstruct the knowledge system, carry out paradigm innovation across different disciplines and methodologies, and develop the school of XJTU at the height of human civilization. Meanwhile, XJTUers should take public value as their basic appeal, inherit the scientific spirit and humanistic feelings rooted in the cultural genes of XJTU, and carry forward patriotism, collectivism, heroism and optimism to make Xi'an Jiaotong University a highland of value and belief towards a new age.

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Public Services for Real Practice

“What is the problem? What problem is it?” Professor Zhu always inspired his research team in this way. He taught his graduate students to accurately describe real problems in public life at first, then put them into the context of the discipline, and identify their natures, principles and solutions at last. As a well-known scholar of Public Administration, he asked himself and his team to apply theoretical research to real national governance. In fact, some researchers overlooked the reality of China's reform and development and mechanically applied concept models or mathematical tools to the interpretation of complex public administration. It seemed like carving a mark on gunwale in moving boat where a sword was lost, which was likely to deviate from the functional goal and the demand of the analysis object, resulting in the separation between academic research and national governance. Professor Zhu is committed to serving regional and social development with his research. He has served as a member of the Advisory Committee for Decision-Making of Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, the convener of experts group on public policy of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government Emergency Response Office, the deputy head of experts group of the Xi'an Municipal People's Government Emergency Response Office, the consultant of experts group of the Xi'an Anti-terrorism Coordination Leading Group, and a member of experts group of Shaanxi Provincial Press Office, etc. All those social positions provide Professor Zhu important platform to turn his academic researches into policy advice. He actively follows the major needs of both national and social development, and consistently pays attention to such significant issues as public safety and risk management, the development of cultural and creative industry and relevant policies, free trade pilot zones and government innovation, etc. As a main member, he participated in the writing of theBeneficial Exploration of Improving Administrative Execution - A Research Report on the Administrative Efficiency Construction of Yulin, Shaanxiwith the approval by State Councilor Ma Kai.

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Talent training combining work experience and life wisdom

As a teacher for 36 years, Professor Zhu has students all over the world. All his students have entered in government departments, colleges and universities, well-known enterprises, etc. No matter they served as professors or senior officials, or have just shouldered the responsibility of their own family, what they will never forget is the education of Professor Zhu. As the chairman of school union, the director of publicity department, the executive dean, and the chair of university council branch, Professor Zhu not only specializes in research in public administration, but also closely integrates professional research with public services, thus accumulating rich experience in public administration and daily life. His profound insights in practice and professional accomplishment in academic field have supported himself to be both a mentor and a friend of his students. His lectures on "leadership" and "politics" are vivid and interesting, and are closely related to students’ life experience. He often takes his working experience as case study, bringing vivid and lively explanation to abstract theoretical principles, usually, with simple but beneficial wisdom. His student, Wu Yongheng, once recalled, "As a professor in public management, Mr. Zhu is not only profound in theoretical studies, but also rich in practical experience in public administration and insight into the work of the system and institutions. Professor Zhu once warned me that, ‘working for the government, you must be good at paying attention to, caring for and helping young comrades development.’ I am deeply touched by these words. I have ever been young and faced misunderstandings, indifference and criticism. Now, as I grow older and have communicated with more and more young colleagues, I gradually realize the significance of those words.” Professor Zhu is very good at encouraging students. When students encounter confusions in their research or in daily life, his communication with students can always help them regain their confidence. His student, Feng Chen once recalled, "In terms of academic achievements during the postgraduate period, I wasn’t an excellent student. There were many things that should have been done better, so naturally I was insufficiently confident. In fact, I never felt confident to any report I made in the research group. ‘Feng Chen is a smart boy, and he is brave enough to conquer all difficulties he met.’ This comment from Professor Zhu is the highest award for my three-year graduate career, especially at the final stage. Because of his understanding and affirmation, I become more determined and dependable in my study and work. A few days ago, I was transferred to the organization department of the unit. The leader told me that ‘organization work requires savvy and dedication, I think you just the one for this position’. Those words sound familiar, but if traced back, it is Professor Zhu’s words that encouraged me and supported me in working and to the achievements.” Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Professor Zhu’s rich education practices. Nearly sixty years old, He still stays with his students and teaches them not only the academic knowledge but also wisdom and moral for life.

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Professor Zhu Zhengwei always regards publicness as his fundamental pursuit of self-cultivation, teaching and research. As a senior leader, he is still active at the forefront of school's public service, and is striving for the “Double First-Class” construction of Xi’an Jiaotong University. As a well-known professor in public administration, he has great passion for his academic career and devotes himself to the research and elaboration of China’s governance. As an old teacher, he always pays much attention to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and cares about students' comprehensive development of capabilities, literacy and vision.

He is a strict but generous teacher, a talented scholar with a warm heart, a wise leader, and an utterly devoted friend...


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